Why world will be never cooler again !

The below article discusses my point of view in a mix technical fashion.

…and everyone is aware hot and cool are relative terms. Long before you touched ice, you never knew what is cooler than water. The moment you touched ice, you immediately altered your definition of cold. Moreover, definition of hot and cold are relative to your expectations. Even though you touched ice, it became coldest thing ever, you would have started imagining about living in igloo, but you never expected to build one in middle of thar.

To give you more feel of what I am saying, imagine back in middle ages, a person living in the middle of desert introduced to a water cooler, he would say it is the coolest thing. But if we take the same person to Greenland he stays for a week there, will he feel the same when he comes back ?, Probably not. Why ? because now he knows there is a cooler place possible where he can live.

Fast-forward to near present, Long before AC’s were just an idea – water cooler were luxury and fans were the things which gave chill while cool breeze used to give a chill. Slowly, globalization took over – science innovated, AC’s were reality. Water coolers became more like fan, their cool wind was now filled with moisture, fans became dry.

The perception of world has changed, that’s the reason – global warming can never be stopped, it can only be slowed, why ?

When you were out in open, it felt hot why ? – because recently you were in some cool place, you turn on fan – still hot, water cooler – still hot, AC at 25c – felt better, you go outside – sit in ac set to 17 – you come back you feel hot – turn on AC – Set to 25c – it is still hot – set to 17 – now it’s normal.

All this would feel normal , but this is a loop where once we are caught it’s hard to get out (probably never) why? – Let’s dig deeper.

  • AC is cool, Some Rich X Company gets it’s rich CEO a cool place with a million dollar AC.
  • People move in & out – while surviving in cool breeze of water coolers
  • They want to enjoy same cool environment as CEO – they work hard to get one.
  • Their collegue want same and everyone keeps getting AC.
  • As AC’s got cheaper, more people bought it as luxury.
  • More than People’s feeling of hot and cold changed , it impacted it’s surrounding.
  • The outside got hotter – why ? because of heat emitted by AC’s
  • People lowered temp – the heat emitted increased
  • People lowered it more and the outside world felt hotter.
  • Eventually the cool breeze can’t be cool – because the breeze are hot with heat emitted.
  • Forcing others to get AC.
  • Now, everyone is in AC – the world is hotter – we are installing AC’s to make it cooler.

Now, You can’t live without AC – because outside is hotter. It’s us making it hotter to make it cooler. The out will feel hotter day by day – people will lower the temperature – world will keep getting hotter because you want it to be cool. Sad thing – it will never end.

What can we do ?
One could say move to nature, it will take a lot more effort to educate everyone on this planet. My suggestion ? Sit in AC room and discuss possible solutions.

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