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Once you visit , you will know the problem it solves !

Life : A simple advice

A thoughtful advice given to me long back, just posting it here for general reference, should work for you too 😉 Stand strong always, may the sun always shine brightly for you after heavy rain. Anger is paralyzing, its just the absence of control, You will have no use of it whatsoever. So be patient …

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PDF Signing using hardware token (DSC) in Python

Hardware based tokens are widely used in India to generate signed PDF’s like invoices and agreement. We wrote small Python code to sign the invoices automatically where token was attached to a local server. Windows drives are widely available but rare to find linux drivers are listed You can uncomment to get the token …

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Why books matter not just reading

So I am developer and maker – basically a keen person who is interested in almost everything which sounds logical. As hard it is to understand more interested I become in something. In current “vast” space of information, On an average I read 10-15 articles a day that is being done since last 8 years …

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Adding a display over network !

You are doomed if your laptop has only one HDMI Port & you are running Linux in that box. Unlike windows – where there are tons of easy to run solution, & there are still tons of solutions if you have big numbers in your pocket. Certainly – I neither wish to spend money on external VGA/HDMI …

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NodeJs – Improving performance using native binding

This is known fact that javascript is really slow in terms of sync operations like multiplications, divisions etc. – Since nodejs is based on js – Node inherits the curse. Check this article to cross check the fact. Nodejs is fast in some aspects. I love it 😛 Doesn’t matter how much you improve …

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Associated friends, companies, and partnerships.

This is small list of people, products & companies, I am currently associated with: UPADI Vet : A cattle equipment store : A simple password generator : Blog posts on AI worth reading : Awesome blogs on aero : Create your own merch store : Blogs about creative stores.

Converting Opensource Dictionary to JSON

Folddoc provide free online computer dictionary but they don’t have any standard tool or format to import dictionary in database or so. Dictionary can be downloaded form Run the following nodejs code it will dump dictionary to OUTPUT.json and don’t forget to remove initial lines of disclaimer or they will add to your dictionary. …

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Importing large CSV file to Mongo.

Someday you will need to import a large file to mongo or some other DBMS , You start writing code for achieving same using NodeJS, but when you run memory usage start increasing and either core of your CPU is at 100%.

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Getting whatsapp statistics – WhatsappWeb

There are no tool available for whatsapp which give us how many messages a user has contributed to group, Sometimes you need. Whatsapp web exposes whatsapp to JS, whiche makes things more easy, I wrote a simple code which logs Number of messages sent by each user of group, obviously you need full conversation open …

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