Life : A simple advice

A thoughtful advice given to me long back, just posting it here for general reference, should work for you too 😉 Stand strong always, may the sun always shine brightly for you after heavy rain. Anger is paralyzing, its just the absence of control, You will have no use of it whatsoever. So be patient … [Read more…]

PDF Signing using hardware token (DSC) in Python

Hardware based tokens are widely used in India to generate signed PDF’s like invoices and agreement. We wrote small Python code to sign the invoices automatically where token was attached to a local server. Windows drives are widely available but rare to find linux drivers are listed You can uncomment to get the token … [Read more…]

Why books matter not just reading

So I am developer and maker – basically a keen person who is interested in almost everything which sounds logical. As hard it is to understand more interested I become in something. In current “vast” space of information, On an average I read 10-15 articles a day that is being done since last 8 years … [Read more…]