PDF Signing using hardware token (DSC) in Python

Hardware based tokens are widely used in India to generate signed PDF’s like invoices and agreement. We wrote small Python code to sign the invoices automatically where token was attached to a local server.

Windows drives are widely available but rare to find linux drivers are listed https://www.e-mudhra.com/Repository/index.html

You can uncomment to get the token name print(self.pkcs11.getSlotList(tokenPresent=True))
print(self.pkcs11.getTokenInfo(1)) to get token name, for PROXKey the name "WD PROXKey" was generated.

.dll/.so path for common tokens

  • For Windows the file will be in Windows\SysWOW64″ or “WINDOWS\system32” or “WINNT\system32”
  • For Linux machine the file will be in /usr/local/lib/ or /usr/lib/
Hardware Token TypeLibrary file (Windows)Library file (Linux)
eMudhraeMudhra\eMudhra CSPV1.0\wdpkcs.dll1. WatchData/eMudhra_3.4.3/lib/libpkcs11wrapper.so
2. WatchData/eMudhra_3.4.3/lib/libwdpkcs_eMudhra_343.so
Trust Key1. TRUST KEY\TRUST KEY CSP V1.0\wdpkcs.dll
2. C:\Windows\System32\TRUSTKEYP11_ND_v34.dll
1. WatchData/TRUSTKEY/lib/libpkcs11wrapper.so
2. WatchData/TRUSTKEY/lib/libwdpkcs_TRUSTKEY.so
Belgium eID MiddleWarebeidpkcs11.dllbeidpkcs11.so
Gemalto Cryptocard Tokenlibgtop11dotnet.dlllibgtop11dotnet.so
Aladdin eTokeneTPKCS11.dll
Safenet iKeydkck201.dll
Watchdata PROXkeySignatureP11.dllWatchData/ProxKey/lib/libwdpkcs_SignatureP11.so
.DLL or .so path’s for linux.

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