Getting whatsapp statistics – WhatsappWeb

There are no tool available for whatsapp which give us how many messages a user has contributed to group, Sometimes you need.

Whatsapp web exposes whatsapp to JS, whiche makes things more easy,
I wrote a simple code which logs Number of messages sent by each user of group, obviously you need full conversation open in web, You can use Home Key to do that,

The code was written in few minutes so it doesn’t have proper validations or automation,

But is good for purpose.
Open whatsappWeb and after opening complete conversation of group execute the following code in Google Chrome – Developer Console

var v = document.querySelectorAll('.msg.msg-group .text-clickable');
var t, count ={};
for(var i=0,l=v.length;i<l;++i){
t = v[i].textContent.trim();
 if(typeof count[t]=== 'undefined')


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