Just Another DIY “Smart” Watch

Note : This article was written after project was partially completed, so i don’t have better images.

There are hundred’s of projects for building “Smart watch using arduino”, I have curated a list of better projects at end of this article. I didn’t plan to copy any of given projects but at end it turned out that world is a big place. So this blog post is my effort in developing “My smartwatch”.

Hardware :

  1. Arduino Pro mini
  2. Bluetooth module (HC-05)
  3. OLED Module (SSD1306)
  4. LiPo Battery (110 mAh)
  5. Thin copper wire, single strand if possible.
  6. FTDI Breakout board or any way to program Arduino pro mini.
  7. Micro USB female pins
  8. Membrane Tape

Tools :

  • Soldering iron – along with soldering wire, flux, etc.
  • 3d Printer/Good Crafting Skills to make a case
  • Working brain ! (Recommended)

Software :

  • Android Phone (BTTerm) /Linux System(minicom, rfcomm), Windows Phone, Windows *, Mac OS Users are on their own but you can search for “Bluetooth serial terminal”
  • Arduino IDE
  • Common Sense ! (Recommended)

The guide here is definitely not a step by step guide, it just tells the flow (an algorithm not code).

  1. Desolder pins in your OLED display. Yea, all header pins.. for noobs like me it’s a tough task.
  2. Desolder pins of HC-05/HC06 if it has, if you got module without header, skip
  3. Connect all GND, VCC pins of arduino, hc-05, oled Easy ?
  4. Solder oled pins SCL -> A5, SDA -> A4  to arduino.
  5. Solder hc-05 pins  TX -> 10, RX -> 11  to pro mini.
  6. Then Solder VCC with a switch (Any you prefer) & to battery.
  7. Upload the code
  8. Connect to HC-05 using phone & send any data.

    HC-05 Soldered

Oled, HC-05, ProMini Stacked.







Everything stacked Packed

Back View

Front View










Click here to watch working video.

Below is arduino code :


As told initially my build is not the best one, there are people with better electronics & better output check these :







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