Javascript Domless events

Using jQuery or nodejs makes you addicted to pubsub (publish/subscribe) model. Nodejs has nattive support for event emitters but javascript doesn’t have. Events are only binded to a DOM, using which doesn’t make sense and its also adds to performance cost. To solve the problem i wrote a custom class which implements `on` and `emit` … [Read more…]

Redis Vs MongoDB

Redis and Mongodb are considered to solve a common problem that “There is something wrong with RDBMS” So what is difference ? Redis is stored in memory and swapped with disk, So data is not lost and you can enjoy performance of your RAM. (Not to be confused with Memcached it is memory only database) … [Read more…]

Why not nodejs v4.1.1

Recently i updated nodejs installation to v4.1.1 using curl -sL | sudo -E bash – sudo apt-get install -y nodejs and i ended up fixing many bug in other modules, but i couldn’t move far in this decision. Nodejs has a history of breaking compatibility with older code in every new release, so if … [Read more…]

Cloning Server to New Hardware

You can find many ways of cloning old server to new hardware, create diskimage and move to new hardware and if you have identical hardware use `dd` or similar tool to copy disks block by block, but if you have new hardware and want to move server without downtime and with no configuration change there … [Read more…]

Adding ellipsis to long text

When you have some long division and you don’t want to wrap text or extend size of div, But instead you want to use add few `…` at end of text using CSS .wrapped{ overflow:hidden; white-space: nowrap; text-overflow: ellipsis; width: 300px; } Example : Text without text-overflow :Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. … [Read more…]